Hello all,

I am Joseph Clarkson, a University Scholar at Baylor University studying Classics, Philosophy, and Political Science. Within philosophy, my primary interests are ethics and politics. I am curious about what it means to live well, and how we can do that together as a society.

Outside of school, I enjoy hiking, landscape and wildlife photography, and record collecting. I hiked trails in many Texas State Parks, and I hope to one day visit all of the national parks. As an amateur photographer, I mostly use a Canon Rebel t5i and a Pentax k1000, which shoots 35mm film. My record collection currently contains a mixture of blues, folk, country, rock, and experimental albums.

I am studying classical philosophy not only because it is required for all philosophy majors, but also because the relations between the ancient world and our contemporary ways of thinking are fascinating to me. Many of the problems introduced by the ancient philosophers are stilling being debated today through the inherited intellectual tradition of the western world. So my hope for this class is that it will help me to better understand both the thought of the classical world and also the philosophical heritage of the contemporary philosopher.

Philosophy initially attracted me because of its methods. Early in high school, I began competing in Team Policy debate, and so I began to read about argumentation, logic, and dialectic. This led me to philosophy, and my interest in the subject has only expanded since then. I now care less about winning debates and more about discovering the truth. Hence philosophy has evolved from a mere means to an end in itself for me.